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Maria M.

Management Consultant at Adecco

Marisol R.

Management Consultant at E-Green

"I am a Mexican national working under the OPT at a company in the US. My OPT was about to expire and needed a new work permit. I came across TN Visa Advisors and thanks to their help I was able to get the TN visa before my OPT expired. They even advised me on how to talk to my employer about the process! They were guiding me at every step of the process smoothly. Everything came out way better than what I expected! Thank you TN Visa Advisors!

“I highly recommend TN Visa Advisors. I recently worked with them on TN visa matters and found the company to be very professional and knowledgeable. They were very patient, explained a complicated process in a simplified and understandable way, and took the time to make sure all my concerns were addressed. I would definitely recommend TN Visa Advisors to anyone considering initiating a TN process.”

Pamela C.

Graphic Designer at IdeaWork

"TN Visa Advisors provided me with great quality service as well as outstanding customer service. Their explanation of all the visa process and answers to my questions were always efficient and clear. All my questions were answered almost immediately with a very positive attitude. I recommend this efficient company to anyone. Their work was always done with professionalism and thanks to the personalized attention, I had a positive and non-stressful experience working with them."

Pablo O.

Staff Accountant at Tek Distribution

“I hired TN Visa Advisors to help me with the TN visa process. From the beginning, the team was clear and always prepared to answer all of my questions. I had to get the TN Visa in a matter of weeks and they were able to deliver. As a matter of fact, they had everything prepared within the second day! Highly efficient and organized team. I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to get the TN visa fast, flawless, and cheaper than a law firm.”

Anne D. & Eduardo H.

TD and TN Visa Applicants

"TN Visa Advisors provided the best guide to get the TD visa for me and the TN visa for my husband. They were available 24/7 and always ready to help. They guided us step by step and everything came out excellent! I highly recommend TN Visa Advisors!" 

Dave H.

Real Human Being

It is well known that crossing the US border can be challenging if related to work matters. I had to travel from Canada to the US to perform consulting services for one of my clients. I wanted to ensure I had the proper documentation and I was prepared for any contingencies so I decided to seek professional help. After researching several firms, I chose TN Visa Advisors. Why? I was satisfied with their quick response; they adequately addressed my questions and guaranteed their work in the case that my application was denied.  TN Visa Advisors interviewed me, then delivered a customized application package and provided personalized coaching for the border interview. My TN visa was granted and now I am able to perform my consulting work without worry of getting questioned or even stopped again at the port of entry. I highly recommend the services of TN Visa Advisors, especially for anyone applying to the TN Visa for the first time! 

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