We Sponsor You

Is there a company looking to hiring you, but is hesitant about the TN Visa process? Are you under OPT and would like to continue your employment? No problem, our mother company, Kettelsen Consulting, can onboard you and hire you as a consultant as long as you qualify for the correct visa category. Kettelsen Consulting was founded with the promise of providing the best Professional Employer Organization (PEO)/Staffing service in the USA either on-site or remotely. Companies, in general, have a hard time finding the appropriate talent resulting in slow growth in the micro and macroeconomy or do not understand how to onboard an excellent talent that requires a work authorization under the TN Visa. Kettelsen Consulting looks, screens, interviews, and trains the perfect talent for their clients saving time and valuable resources to them. They go the extra mile and sponsor the TN Visa so the candidate can work as a consultant and as long as the candidate qualifies for the TN Visa. TN Visa Advisors and Kettelsen Consulting work together so all parties involve in the process obtain the best possible outcome.


For more information, please visit www.kettelsenconsulting.com


*The candidate and position must qualify for the TN Visa.